Feline Herpes Remedy/Treatment

Cats infected with feline herpes must be isolated from other feline members of the household for three to four weeks to avoid passing on the virus. Cat owners should disinfect bedding, bowls and cages and any other objects that the patient frequently uses with a dilute mixture of bleach and water and frequently change their clothing and wash their hands.

The feline patient requires isolation from other cats, rest in a quiet location and humidification of the immediate environment, preferably in a warm room equipped with a cool steam home vaporizer. (Cool steam is less likely to aggravate the cat’s breathing problems.) The cat’s owner may want to consider bringing the patient into the bathroom at shower time, as well.

Some veterinarians recommend administering children’s nose drops to one nostril per day and continue alternating the drops for up to five days. The cat owner’s veterinarian will prescribe the precise dose. It is important not to overdo the administration of nasal drops, as rebound congestion and excessive dryness of the mucous membranes could result. Regardless of whether nasal drops are used, the eyes and nose should be kept clear of discharge. Antibiotics are required for the treatment of any secondary bacterial infections that may develop, and eye ointments may be used for keratitis.

Feline herpes patients also require highly nutritious foods, plenty of fluids and top-shelf vitamin and mineral supplements to keep their immune systems strong enough to resist the infection. Cats in general benefit from the same regimen to remain resistant to infection in the first place.

The herbs, vitamins and minerals discussed below can also help supplement any conventional course of treatment or health maintenance program. It would be wise, however, to confirm with a veterinary professional whether a particular herb or herbs will adversely interact with treatment before administering any. Supplementation with NuVet Plus has been shown to greatly help feline patients in general and to protect cats from developing feline herpes in particular by strengthening the body against attack from FHV-1. NuVet Plus supplementation also helps feline herpes patients resist secondary infection. Even your most expensive cat foods can lack the proper nutrition necessary to optimal cell function and longevity. Our scientists formulated NuVet Plus after extensive testing with many different ingredients and combinations of ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, brewer’s yeast, whey protein, blue green algae, cat’s claw, iron and shark cartilage. The addition of alpha amylase to the formula helps the body absorb these ingredients as quickly as possible.

NuVet Plus obtains its Vitamin B complex from chicken liver, which is good for fighting inflammation and boosting immunity. NuVet paddle-dries its chicken liver to better retain Vitamin B complex, Vitamins A and C and important omega fatty acids. The NuVet Plus formula gives a cat’s immune system a synergistic and powerful antioxidant boost to help it fight off the effects of free radicals. When NuVet Plus is added to a cat’s diet, it jumps in to assist her natural defense system.

NuVet Plus’s ingredients provide the nutrients necessary to proper hormonal balance, improve resistance to disease and parasites, and heal tissues from the ravages of infection. They also support and strengthen the immune system to better resist attack by the offending agents that trigger the onset of feline herpes and its secondary infections. The instance of secondary infections can be slowed and even prevented altogether through the continuous use of NuVet Plus and a proper diet.

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